About Suravali Club Just some words about my career

Neeraj Pathak has notable concern over the music nostalgia people who always prefer to listen to the melodious songs of their era. He has formed the Music Club named SURAVALI CLUB in the year 2009 at Ahmedabad with the kind support of Mr. Daxesh Trivedi. Since formation of this exclusive music club, Neeraj Pathak & his team have performed more than ten musical programmes within two years only, wherein old Indian Hindi Filmy songs were sung.

SURAVALI CLUB aims to glorify the golden era of old melodious songs of Indian Cinema to their distinguished music lover members. Moreover, SURAVALI CLUB organizes high profile musical concerts by calling established musicians from Bollywood Industry and professional singers from all over India for the full fledged entertainment of its esteemed members.

SURAVALI CLUB has progressed satisfactorily since its formation and every members of the Club have much appreciated the performance of Neeraj Pathak & his team.

SURAVALI CLUB used to organize FIVE Musical Programmes yearly and at least once in every quarter at every weekend in Tagore Hall, Paldi, Ahmedabad, most probably.

At present, there are six hundred (600) Members of Suravali Club. It’s an earnest desire of Neeraj Pathak that more music lovers may join this exclusive music club and get relaxed from age related or other complications by entertaining themselves through listening to the old melodious songs of their choice.

Any music lover may join this exclusive music club by paying their annual membership fee and get entertained themselves through out the year.