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As per local newspaper ‘Divya Bhaskar’ – Date : 15/05/2009 – Ahmedabad.

A well known Karnavati Club, Ahmedabad, had invited Neeraj Pathak & his team for the sole entertainment & encouragement of its members and their children. Neeraj Pathak had sung Late Kishore Kumar Songs in a very excellent voice and made the entire club audience enthralled. The Karnavati Club Official had appreciated the superb singing style of Neeraj Pathak and expressed gratitude to him for encouraged the inner talent of its members and their children.

As per local newspaper ‘Gujarat Samachar’ – Ahmedabad

At the 3rd and 5th melodious musical nights of 5th Year “Kavya-Sangeet Samaroh” jointly organized by local newspaper ‘Gujarat Samachar’ and ‘Samanvay’ Organization, Neeraj Pathak and others famous Gujarati Classical singers had sung well-known creations of eminent poets of Gujarat. When Neeraj Pathak had performed famous Gujarati poet Venibhai Purohit’s cool creation “Sukh na Dukh Jyare Mara Manva” ... the listeners were spell bounded and he was appreciated for his classical singing style with huge applaud.

As per ‘Times of India’ - Ahmedabad Edition

Neeraj Pathak of Golden Cheers Group, Rapper Devang Patel, Shyamal-Saumil and Sanjay Oza were interviewed by the reporter of ‘Times of India’ before the start of mega festival of Navratri. ‘Times of India’ had quoted as – “Neeraj Pathak Golden Cheers Group that performed in Durban last year & UK / USA earlier feels, they are appreciated more abroad. But, I like singing in Ahmedabad too, it has a charm of its own”.

As per ‘PAKISTAN NEWS’ (URDU Edition)– Date : 26/12/2007 – published from Huston - USA.

It was highly appreciated for the excellent performances of Neeraj Pathak & others famous singers during the Mega Musical Live Show “Purani Yaadein” by US Promotor “Rocky” which was organized at Huston - USA.