My Team Just some words about my career

Co Singers

There are also a remarkable contribution of co-singers in making him so much popular and attainment of success in early life of Neeraj Pathak . All the co-singers of his team have got melodious voice culture; all of them are well-trained & experienced. To name a few of co-singers as like Bhumik Shah, Darshna Gandhi, Daxa Gohil, Nilu Dave, Vishvanath Bantuge, Anand Vasavada, Payal Vaidya, Payal Vakhariya, Mihir Jani etc.


At present, he performs in his most of the Live Musical Stage Shows with the finer support of his own younger brother Pankaj Pathak’s "Euphony Orchestra" which is based in Ahmedabad. Moreover, he prefers “Pankaj Pathak’s Orchestra" in the event of any Mega Live Musical Show. Neeraj Pathak has also a very fine rapport with Khandekar Brothers’ Orchestra.

Music Directors

Neeraj Pathak is closely associated with Gaurang Vyas - a name which is highly respected among the music and film industry of India. And their relationship bond is unbroken since more than 20 years. Neeraj Pathak has set numerous benchmarks while working with many other musical maestros as like Late Kshemu Divetia, Mr. Rasbihari Desai, Mr. Janardan Rawal, Mr. Dipesh Desai, Mr. Iqbaal Mir and Mr. Saumil-Shyamal Munshi.


There are very selected Lyricists in the permanent list of Neeraj Pathak. He has released various & vivid Music Albums in collaboration with Tushar Shukla, Ankit Trivedi, Dr. Raeesh Maniar, Dr. Shayamal Munshi etc.